A prehistoric adventure that follows the journey of the Q-Roc warrior through uncharted territories to secure the future of his tribe.

When enemy tribes decide to attack, Q-Roc starts a journey full of surprises and challenges to release his friends.

The saga of warrior involves prehistoric creatures, carnivorous plants, lava rivers, storms, stakes, thorns roulette and bosses that throw enormous rocks.

Q-roc keeps his energies (stamina) through fruits and proteins... the weapons are exchanged for coins collected along the way.

Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inloopsoftware.qrocfree 

* * * C O N T R O L S * * *

<Left> <Right> / <A> <D> / Gamepad - Move 

<Up> / <W> / Gamepad B - Jump 

<Down> / <S> / Gamepad X - Change Weapon 

<Space> / Gamepad A - Shoot 

<P> - Pause (on/off) 

<G> - Gamepad buttons (on/off) 

<M> - Music/Sound (on/off)

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